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Save Money with Industrial Trash Compactor Rentals in Metro Detroit, MI

Compactors are a great way to ensure that your waste management program is as cost effective as possible. The expense of hauling services is often dependent on the frequency of the service days.  When these lightweight items are fed into compaction equipment, service days can decrease significantly, and the conversion pays for itself.  We offer stationary compactors, self-contained compactors and vertical compactors that can be customized to fit within your property’s footprint and operational needs.  Please call Detroit Disposal and Recycling today to speak with an industry expert.

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How Will a Commercial Trash Compactor Benefit My Metro Detroit Business?

Commercial trash compactors are used in businesses and industries that don’t produce a lot of liquid waste. These include retail businesses, large offices, distribution centers, etc. that throw away a lot of paper, cardboard, and plastic. 

The biggest benefit to these compactors is that they can save you money by crushing your waste into small square blocks, allowing you to fit more waste into your dumpster and requiring less hauls per week. Since your contract is paid by the number of hauls your business needs to keep space for trash in your dumpster, this will save you money in the easiest way. Compactors will also improve the efficiency of your business by reducing the amount of time it takes to break down large boxes, plastic jugs, and more. By reducing the number of hauls you need each week, we reduce the amount of carbon monoxide emissions going into the air. With all of these benefits, there is no question of whether a commercial compactor is a good investment for your company.

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Consider Adding a Self Contained Compactor if Your Business Produces Significant Amounts of Wet Waste in Metro Detroit

Self contained compactors are a huge asset for businesses that produce a lot of wet waste. Industries like hospitality, restaurants, retail, colleges, stadiums, and more have large amounts of trash that either includes liquid or produces liquid when it is compacted. Self contained compactors are leakproof, so there will never be an enormous mess beneath or around your compactor as your trash is squeezed. 

With all of the additional benefits mentioned above, a self-contained compactor would only help your Metro Detroit business. For more information or to contract a compactor rental with us, contact our office today. 

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